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Is language a problem when trading with a Dutch, French or Portuguese partner? Then this is your solution.

I am a translator in Dutch, French and Portuguese. I graduated the Faculty of Interpreting and Translating from the Hogeschool Maastricht, and I am certified in the Portuguese and French language.

Do you still think a translator is expensive? Recent inquiries from Fenedex have shown that Dutch commerce annually loses 3,18 billion Euro in export to French speaking countries due to little language knowledge (source: Spits/ Fenedex).

Besides, would you answer an e-mail filled with errors?

Of course, your Dutch, French and Portuguese partners will do the same.

You could use a translation programme. The question is however whether such a device can give you the same quality as your translator. A computer has little imagination considering cultural differences. A translator does have that. Taking into account linguistic and cultural differences is part of his job.

Good quality is the trademark of your translator. I can be at your service rapidly and accurately. I keep my word in agreements and I'm well informed of actualities. I know much of the world situation and I know how to use information and communication technology applications as efficiently as possible. I like hard work and will be at your service as fast as possible.

With a translator on your side resolving all linguistic problems, you gain time and new markets will open up for you. If the world is your market, the translator is your assistant.


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